Hyundai Venue Modifications – The Magic Of 7

When it comes to cars, people actually don’t treat them very well. What I mean to say here is that people literally ‘play’ with the interior as well as the exterior of their priced possession way too much. Take for example a very popular car, Hyundai Venue. If you have the same car or if you are planning to buy one, I am quite sure that you must have at least watched 1 Hyundai Venue Modification video on YouTube. But did you like that? Be true.

I recently purchased the same car. As it was under the waiting period so I thought of why not watching a few videos and at the same time find out some cool accessories for the same. I came across so many videos, and to be frank, I wasn’t expecting this at all.

Anyways, I dared to watch a few of them. To my surprise and shock, the people who were claiming that their cars magically converted from the base E model to the SX model. By installing a few accessories like a crappy looking touch screen android music system, faux leather dashboard stickers, heavy use of chrome in door handles and around lights etc, disco style lights inside the car, the worst looking seat covers with even the worst colour… it was too much to handle! Seriously.

So when I got the delivery of my own car I decided to make a short video about it. The so-called modifications you can say. Yes, I know that I am not very good at making videos, but hey, I tried.

So here is the video (yes I know the volume is low in the video, that is because I forgot to fine-tune it when editing it. lol).

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