What is the importance of Anxiety? How to use Anxiety to your advantage?

Do you know that a little bit of Anxiety is actually good for you. But how to use anxiety to your advantage?

Anxiety is important because it helps you in staying alert and ready for any challenges that you might have to face in the immediate future. Anxiety helps us in finding out about the danger and then helps us in fighting with it. It helps us in performing better as it alerts us in advance. So, a little bit of anxiety isn’t bad at all.

Whenever we think about Anxiety we get all shaken up. Isn’t it! All of us go through Anxiety no matter how much we try not to. Anxiety is actually a silently painful experience in which a person just sits there and keeps on thinking, without even knowing what’s wrong! That is true. But, do you know that Anxiety can actually work to your advantage too! Read more to learn all about it.

I have personally noticed that most people believe that anxiety mostly affects women only. That might be true somewhat but generally, it is not. Most women stay at home, being housewives. But that does not mean it doesn’t have any effect on men. Men are also equally affected by anxiety. I too have experienced it on several occasions, and I don’t hide it. There is nothing to hide as it happens to each and every person.

Please be aware that if you have an excessive anxiety disorder then I advise you to visit a therapist for sure as he/she will be able to help you a lot. Anxiety can actually take over your entire day, and life too. Anxiety can leave you feeling agitated, nervous, or scared. So, do consult a good therapist for sure as he will hear what you have to say, observe various symptoms, etc, and then help you accordingly.

You will be amazed to know that some of the habits that people with anxiety have are actually very good. These habits can be of great help in certain situations. Here is a list of things that I believe are a gift for all people with anxiety.

Something wrong is going to happen

People who have anxiety think about this at most times. I know that this feeling is extremely unbearable. For example, I have a fear of traveling by airplanes. And due to this the moment I think about going anywhere by air, I start having these thoughts of air turbulence, plane crash, and so on.

These feelings actually elevated, even more, when I saw the TV series, Lost. After that, I saw several such news on TV and it made things worse. I can’t help it. This feeling stays with me. And due to this, I even haven’t renewed my passport as I feel that I won’t be needing it ever!

But… it’s okay to have such feelings. It is not always possible to have control over such thoughts of ours. It’s normal. I know that these thoughts can actually prevent you from trying out new things in life. In my case, things like rock climbing, paragliding, adventure travel by helicopter, or a gas balloon. I might never try these out for sure. The mere thought of this makes my head heavy.

Excessive anxiety over these things is wrong, I know, but some alertness about the possible dangers can be really beneficial. According to Science Daily, New findings could help explain the apparent ‘sixth sense’ we have for danger in social situations, with the direction of a person’s gaze being a crucial cue. People with non-clinical anxiety are particularly well poised for action.

Now in this case what you can do is to make your own self understand that you have this great capability to sense danger way before anyone else can. It’s kind of a superpower that you can utilize in the time of need. Non-anxious people are actually less capable of dealing with threats of any kind.

I worry about what people think and say about me

People who are dealing with anxiety find it a little difficult when they are in social gatherings like a party or a seminar. They feel that people around them are looking towards them, and talking about them. This becomes an obsession… kind of.

It may be true that people are actually talking about you, but that doesn’t mean that you have to take stress about it. Whether you get anxious or not, the people around you will continue to do what they are doing. You can’t change that.

So, stop getting all scared as you are perfectly normal and doing great. Believe in your own self. If you keep on getting anxious then you will not enjoy social interaction with other people as you will only isolate yourself to a corner in the party. Do you actually want that? I know you don’t, but your anxiety is making you do that.

I also know that it isn’t easy to let go of social fears – people looking at you and talking about you – but you have to try and get out of the closed space that you build for yourself on any such occasion. Talk to people, indulge in any discussion they might be having, or even better why not start a new discussion of your own. Don’t pull yourself back. You are amazing.

You will be surprised to know that highly sensitive people are actually much better at understanding other people’s emotions. They know what and how other people feel about themselves. When you talk to others, you give them special attention and even comfort them openly at the time of need.

Please do always remember that you are such a good soul and what others think or say about you doesn’t make or break you at all. You will also be surprised to know this fact that almost everyone you know (or don’t know) is self-conscious. You must use your empathy skills into building great, happy, healthy, and caring relationships with other people. Do remind people that you care for them, even if they don’t do the same. Not everyone is as loving as you.

I have the same thoughts about the same things over and over again

Again, this is normal. No matter how much I try, these thoughts come back to me again and again and again. So I have started to ignore them as much as I can. I don’t want to make any false statements here, but it is actually not possible to ignore them completely. It happens when you have anxiety.

It feels as if we are trapped inside a web, inside our own brain. But, at the same time, it also means that we do take good thought of the situation. This feeling can be used for good if ‘used’ properly.

For example, my website rainboz.com was actually not what you are currently seeing. It used to be a general entertainment website with various topics like memes, funny videos, blogs about making money, and other irrelated things. Kind of like what BuzzFeed is, you can say!

But as I was going through these thoughts which filled me with anxiety and stress of all kinds, I thought of starting a website where I wanted to share my personal views. Initially, I started with another domain but then decided to go for rainboz, as I feel that colours play a major role in our lives and these colours have so many meanings as they are associated with so many different things.

I am sure whenever you see a rainbow you feel happy. This happens with me too. So here I am with this website rainboz.com

What I am trying to say here is that when you know that you are having stress and anxiety, then why not use it for your own advantage. I decided to write these blog posts so that I can express my feelings to you all and at the same time I might be able to help you. You might also be having the same type of thoughts and feelings as I have, and we can discuss it here.

I talked to my ‘best friend’ regarding my anxiety a number of times but he always laughed upon it or simply ignored it. He once even said, “I come to you to feel good and happy, to spend time together and enjoy the company and not to cry or something like that.” That was the day I decided to stop living for others and focus more on myself.

One life… why not make it happier for my own self! That is my mantra for you. Start living your life without the suffering and pressure of regular stress. Every single person has the right to be happy and stay happy. So… choose happiness.

One more thing… Stop criticizing yourself for the thoughts that come to your mind due to anxiety and stress. This will only make things worse for you.

Start seeing the good side of you, and also, start recognizing the good things that your anxiety shows about your personality. You are smart, intelligent, take good care of every single detail, you notice things very clearly, and you respond so well to crises or any danger that you face.

I have been taking these Ayurveda capsules called Stresscom which consists of a herb, Ashwagandha. I take 2 capsules every day, and it has helped me so much with lowering down my stress and anxiety levels that I simply can’t explain in words. You might be thinking that I am selling you these, but frankly speaking, I am not.

I advise that you too should take these on a daily basis (for 3 months at least) and I am sure that after 3 months of regular usage you will start seeing great results.

I wish you a life full of happiness and good health. Money? Well, that’s up to you to make as much as you want to.

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