How can you get a good life by reading?

These days’ people are usually involved in mostly reading Tweets, FB status and other social media like that. If we ask us now that do we remember when we read a book last time? Was it our textbook, research paper or just ingredients of a product before buying it? The things we are going to explore in this article is how book reading is a good norm.

Away from Mental Problems
According to recent statistics, it has been shown that by 2030 a mental disease called “Dementia” will capture more than 4 million people worldwide! This disease causes loss of memory and other mental problems also.

According to the opinion of Dr. Dinesh Sharma (psychologist with more than 16-year practice), there is no cure for this disease but still, it can be prevented to a great extent simply by reading a Book! This book reading habit causes mental stimulation in the brain.

Basically, when we read a story it resides in our mind for a long time, which makes us remember most of its character, happenings of that story. This remembrance increases the efficiency of the brain.

Free from Stress and Depression
One of the best benefits of reading books is that while reading an interesting story, a person is lost in a totally different realm where he doesn’t remember any of his problems. This basically helps to remove all the stress and tension of our minds.

It’s just like a meditation where we get peace of mind, good mood along with knowledge as a bonus. One of the most common and dangerous problems with which many countries are facing is that people don’t have ‘time’ for each other, or many people are living alone and don’t have any associates resulting in Depression.

The best solution for them is reading books, as while reading books the reader feels all characters of that book around him and enjoys their association. This makes reading books as the best way to get out depression.

Enhanced Concentration

Sitting down and reading something while putting your gadgets aside seems to be difficult in this era of Social Media these days. Surely when we try to do this first time we will face problems, but if we just get involved in a book then it’s like magic happening around us and gradually it changes in a habit.

Actually, this struggle which we do with our mind to concentrate on a particular part makes us focused and concentrated.

More Creativity!
While exploring different worlds of books one can develop a high level of imagination and creativity. When we read a book then the image of that object, place, person, and happenings take gets created in our mind, while in case of Television we are served with images automatically which don’t help us much to be creative.

Enhanced Analytical Skills

How amazing is it to read a mystery novel and get to climax by solving the mystery yourself even without reading it! This ability to solve mystery basically comes with a good analytical skill which develops in a person gradually if he reads the same kinds of books previously. If we talk about great critiques, they too have the same experience of reading then thinking on different topics.

Vocabulary and Good Writing skills

One of the most benefits of reading is that our vocabulary expands by it. While reading a book we got to learn so many new words and ways to express our emotions. This can help us to learn more improved speaking and writing skills.

Get Entertained

Among all the above benefits the best of those is “ENTERTAINMENT”. While reading all these stuff the major reason behind all these is entertainment. This is also a reason why we do things which might not give us knowledge but entertainment. Like watching a movie or serial on TV, a book can also entertain us along with giving some substantial knowledge of life skills.

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