How can I sleep if I have Anxiety? Here are 5 ways to help you with this

A good night’s sleep is just next to impossible when you are suffering from anxiety. I too, sometimes, feel dragged down with anxiety no matter how much I try. It has become a part of my life. But that doesn’t mean that my sleep has to be disturbed due to this reason. Though I try on a daily basis to throw away my anxiety. On some days I am successful in doing so and on some days I am not.

Getting good sleep is one of the ways we do in order to prepare our mind and body to deal with the daily stress of work and personal life and the free gift of anxiety along with it. Have you ever noticed when you don’t have a good sleep the previous night you seem to dislike everything that’s going around you the next day! I certainly did.

Since you are reading this post, so it’s quite clear that you too are facing this problem of sleepless nights due to anxiety. But don’t worry, as I have 5 ways to help you with this. And I’m sure they will work out for you.

“It’s normal to experience poor sleep when we are stressed or anxious,” says Dr. Kat Lederie, who is the head of Sleep Health, Somnia.

Ready to try these out? Continue reading, please…

5. Use the ‘the’ word for ‘thought stopping’

A friend of mine told me about this method a few days ago. I actually thought that it is quite funny, but it turned out that he was right. Since the word ‘the’ has absolutely no emotion attached to it, so it helps you with letting go of the stress.

How to do thought stopping technique? 

It is not that hard. Just use the word ‘the’ after every 2 seconds or so. At first, you will find it a bit difficult as you are not used to doing so, but after just a couple of minutes, you’ll be able to do it. This is a great technique that will help you when you are struggling to focus on anything. Like every other method, it takes some time to get used to. Give it a try tonight.

4. Write down everything that you are thinking

Just like you write a diary, write down everything that comes to your mind when you feel anxious or stressed. Writing will help you a lot in expressing your feelings and also at the same time will help you in getting rid of these feelings. I’m not saying that this is like magic, but it is actually very helpful.

Think about all the things that happened to you all through a day – good, bad, ok-ish! Is there anything that you can do to solve the problems that occurred? What all things do you need to remember for the coming day. All these questions and answers will clear out your mental vision about these things.

We keep on remembering things and literally accusing our own selves for all things that happened to us. It must stop. These things result in the various factors that keep us awake as our mind keeps on getting disturbed over and over again. So writing helps you by providing a chance to process the day before you go to the bed.

3. Change your perspective

I know that no matter what I try, I’ll have anxiety and stress, if not today but maybe the day after tomorrow. It’s quite natural. So in this scenario what I can do is that I will try to change my perspective.

Stress keeps me (and you) awake. I know it very well. So wouldn’t it be much better that I think about the good things in life. Why think about the stress-giving reason and elevate the whole reason and feeling to much greater heights?

I must remind myself that I need rest. Physically and emotionally, both. My brain needs rest too. My whole body works day and night. Just like food, water, air, sunlight; my body needs sleep too. Why should I give up sleep for the night just to stay awake and think about what has already happened? Why think about what is going to happen tomorrow? I will face what hardships I have to face… tomorrow. I must rest now and go to sleep.

2. Try thought switching tonight

Every night most of us have various thoughts racing through our minds as if a grand prix is taking place there. Thoughts go like… vroom vrooooom vroooooooooom! A little funny to read but that is what it actually feels like. Isn’t it?

If you find yourself in such a situation then try doing this rather simple technique.

How to do thought switching technique?

Close your eyes and think about a place, anywhere you have been, which you like a lot and feel relaxed even by the mention of this place. It can be any place – beach, village, forest camp, your rooftop garden, beside the river, anywhere. Try to remember the good times you had at that place. Try to recollect those memories.

When you think about this place try to speak to yourself verbally instead of thinking it all in your head. Paint that beautiful picture once again. When you relive your precious and happy memories you eventually feel relaxed and happy. This is one of the best mental exercises that you can have in order to say bye-bye to anxiety and stress.

1. The 9 to 0 Meditation practice

Let me tell you an effective way to relax your mind with a simple mediation exercise.

Breathe in deeply and breathe out slowly, saying in your mind the number nine. On the next breath out, say eight; then say seven, and so on until you breathe out saying zero. Then start over, but this time start with eight, followed by seven and so on.

If you get lost, start over with the last number you remember, and continue until you fall asleep.

So, which of these methods are you going to try the next time you have a sleepless night? Or, have you already tried these and slept? 🙂

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