Disturbed Sleep and Nightmares

People say that when you start writing your personal blog you should either start with an introduction to yourself and your personal life or talk about good things so as to attract more eyeballs to your blog. But I chose to write about disturbed sleep and random nightmares that I have been getting for the past few days now.

At first, I thought that this is due to the lack of exercise and lesser walks as we are staying inside due to the pandemic (coronavirus), but it seems that it isn’t 100% true. There is much more than that. You might not be interested in knowing about me, but if you are reading this and on this blog then I’m sure that either you are fighting with anxiety or depression, or having sleepless nights too.

According to Consumer Report, as many as 164 million people in the USA only have trouble with sleep on almost a daily basis. Just imagine the number of such people worldwide! So, knowing about this fact itself makes me a little calm that I’m not alone in this. I don’t know why but this gives me a little bit of a good feeling. I know it isn’t something to feel good about but it is what it is.

I have also been getting these random nightmares these days. Not on a regular basis, but on some days. At times 2 different nightmares on a single night. These dreams keep me awake and not wanting to go back to sleep. My sleep has already been affected so much in the past few months now and these dreams only make things worse for me.

Nightmares are generally a result of stress and anxiety. It can be due to daily work stress, family issues, school or college, relationship problems, and so on. You can also get nightmares if you watch a horror movie too. You might find this funny but so many people agree with it. If you have lost someone or a pet whom you loved a lot, then also you might experience nightmares. The reason can be any, and whatever it may be, the whole feeling that you go through is a nightmare on its own. 

It is said that mental peace is much important for a healthy and happy life. You can go to a gym and workout 10 hours a day, but if your mind is upset then how can you call yourself happy! The same thing I am facing for such a long time now. The things I want to do in life, I am unable to do due to family issues. It is not that my family is stopping me from doing these activities, but I know my responsibilities.

When the right time will come I am sure that I will be able to do at least half of these things. Why only half? Well, some due to money (I am no Mukesh Ambani) and some due to age. Things become difficult or impossible due to age. But it’s okay. I am looking forward to a happy life where I will have no worries or stress of any kind.

How am I dealing with sleepless nights and nightmares?

First of all, I have started taking ‘ashwagandha’ once again. I took it for over 4 months on a regular basis and it helped me a lot. The specific product ‘Stresscom‘ that I took was by a company called Dabur. It helped me in keeping my stress level in control. Ok, it isn’t something magical but it helped me a lot and that is why I am recommending it to you.

And the second thing that I have started doing is not to use my phone after 9:00 pm unless it is very important. I intentionally keep the phone a little bit far away from the bed so that I feel lazy to go and pick it up every time I have this urge to use the phone. Interestingly enough, I don’t use many apps on my phone, and the ones that I have like Instagram, Facebook, IMDb, Flipboard, Snapseed, etc, I don’t use them for more than 1 or 2 hours on a daily basis… collectively!

I think that everyone who has an iPhone has this tendency of using it, scrolling through app pages, every now and then, just like that. Is it true for you too? Do let me know in the comments below.

Lastly, what I have just started doing is that I climb stairs in my apartment building. As I am not a very active person, I find this exercise a little bit challenging too, which is a good thing. This helps me in getting tired too. I have seen that if you are tired due to any physical activity you seem to have a night of better sleep, a little bit at the very least. Last night I did the same and I did not wake up as much as I normally do.

Stresscom is helping me with easing my stress, keeping my phone aside at a distance is helping my eyes to feel relaxed, and climbing the stairs is helping me feel a bit tired too. Let’s see how this goes.

I am also going to start with some simple yoga asanas from today. Other than that I have planned (many times) to start reading books once again, but I have never been successful in doing so. But still, I will give it a try once more. I stopped reading books many years back when I started using smartphones and laptops. I find it difficult to read a book. I can read as much as I want on a phone, tablet, or a computer, but a book… it’s difficult. Even if I try doing so I do not find myself connected to it in any way. I forget things easily. But… I will give it a try… once again!

If you are also facing the above issues of bad sleep, nightmares, restlessness due to this… or any related problem, then do let me know in the comments below. Let us help each other. Thank you.

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